Official Website of Pamela Mullins. Writer, Reader, Artist, Photographer.

Middle-aged, College Dropout, Feminist, Progressive, Secular Humanist Atheist, Happily Single-Childless, LGBTQ+, Virgo, She/Her/They, Generation X, Smart Ass, Awkward, Introvert—constantly looking for the next questions to ask.

Connoisseur of words and gluten-free foods. Dabbles with data and all the peoples while floating in the refuse of life.

I specialize in speculative fiction & magical realism with rambling unlikeable middle-aged women in awkward social moments and messy humanness.

I live and work in North Carolina in the United States.

I do not have any Facebook accounts. Any Facebook accounts claiming to be mine are imposters—or from an alternate dimension and not associated with me in this currently vexing one.

You can contact me through the contact page, via email at pamela dot mullins at gmail dot com or pamela dot mullins on Skype.

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