About That Ending

I received some questions about A White Witch and this post. I’ll try to discuss without giving too much away.

On poking dragons: One person was concerned that I was poking dragons and lecturing white people by writing a story about a woman questioning her white privilege and white feminism and I replied isn’t poking dragons what writers are supposed to do? Isn’t it our duty as white people to do just that? Ask yourself why you don’t feel it’s your duty? Black and brown women have been discussing white privilege and white feminism for ages. That burden should not be theirs alone. They are as tired and fed up as we are, even more so.  We are on the verge of authoritarianism and a corrupt government turning the clock back on fifty years worth of what little civil rights we’ve gained because of, in part, 53% of white women; so, yeah, white privilege and white feminism need to be discussed. Far too many white people are uncomfortable talking about race, power and privilege dynamics and usually avoid it all together or stick to platitudes that do no one any good. It’s past time to be uncomfortable.

What are your credentials: I’m no academic. I haven’t studied sociology and women’s studies. I’m a college dropout who grew up poor to undereducated parents/family in a poor white West Virginia town, who has experienced classism, sexism and was affected by the corruption and ugliness of police brutality in my immediate family. I know & have experienced rough truths. I also realize that I’m extremely privileged as a white woman. I’m not as eloquent as some of my sheroes, but I’ll do my best. I confess I’m ignorant on lots of things; thus this journey. I’ll make mistakes and stick my foot in my mouth and write things that may be shameful that I’ll second guess later and I expect I’ll be dragged for it; that’s the journey I’m hoping to authentically convey; if I can find my way through the ugly stench of what bell hooks calls imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy then hopefully we all can and I don’t just mean white women or white people. I’m listening and learning and reading every day. Do I have to have a degree to tell my stories? Meritocracies don’t really seem all that fair when there is an unequal and unfair power structure.

On misandry: Your interpretation of my words is your own. I make no apologies. If you see misandry, you see misandry. If you see a woman trying to survive the patriarchy, welcome to a woman’s world.

About that ending: White women are notorious for attempting to be allies with good intentions and so many times those intentions backfire. Be it because they’re ignorant of their own white privilege and this is the patriarchy, or male stupidity or toxicity or any number of reasons. I’m reminded of that ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ quote. Things don’t always go how you want and need them to go. Curse of being human. We could also talk about the ignorance a lot of us have approaching a situation where we think we’re all equal in an unequal world. FYI just cause: “Guns make it more likely that domestic abuse will turn into murder: When a gun is present in a domestic violence situation, it increases the risk of homicide for women by 500 percent.”

You need an editor: Yes, I do. I tried to find one and had no luck and finding people that want to edit or beta read ‘unlikeable sarcastic middle-aged single childless white woman with dark humor confronts white privilege, white feminism, colonialism, patriarchy, classism, capitalism, etcetera with a touch of magical realism’ for fun and free is a tad difficult. I cannot pay; I’m a 48yo unemployed college dropout & woman living with her 71yo mama trying to make a living wage on an ageist gig economy and no, we ain’t rich; we ain’t even middle class. Like most folks, we barely get by monthly. So, I decided to just put my stories out there and see what happens. I’m not expecting kudos or pats on the back; I just wanna write my stories and be able to live and eat—I love to eat. Apologies in advance for the bad grammar, misspellings, and typos.

A White Witch is at Amazon.


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