In General 9/16/18

  • Florence is overhead right now churning and blowing. The rain is scant; the wind capricious. I’m near Charlotte. The coast is getting hit hard; so hard that coal ash landfalls are collapsing. Reminder that regulations are in place to protect us and that the current administration has removed most regulations in order for corporations to profit and humans and the environment to suffer.
  • Les Wexner is no longer a Republican. Imagine it taking you this long to figure out the thing that some of us have known since the beginning. These men should not be given kudos for something they should’ve known a lot sooner and prolly did. Methinks they’re CYAing at this point even while collecting and cashing in all those tax benefits.
  • Imagine deriding a 9-year-old child for standing up against racism.
  • What a boring sex life she must lead.
  • This administration is still denying passports to citizens that go over and beyond proving their citizenship.
  • Stop dissing grown ass men by calling them insecure little girls when we all know who amongst us is the most fragile.
  • The best thread about reproduction I’ve ever read.
  • Jian Ghomeshi does not deserve your time nor your forgiveness.
  • I recommend articles via Pocket too.
  • 12,800 children. The US is holding 12,800 migrant children in detention. If you don’t think that’s some evil shit, you’ve gone way past the point of no return.
  • In General will be off and on. I’m working on finishing another story. I’m also considering opening the blog up to comments.



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