In General 9/10/18

  • I took yesterday off writing this post because I was still pissed from the night before and that horrid display of sexism and racism on display at the US Open. Yet another example of men and their egos policing women’s emotion, our dress, our bodies…etcetera. First, unless they are offering words of support, white men should not be commenting. Period. I’m not going to click on another white man’s article criticizing black women. Reason: Every article I’ve read written by a white male within this context has shown a complete lack of awareness and a monumental side of myopia.Additionally, I have long been a fan of tennis; coaching is common and that specific rule is arbitrarily governed by chair refs, thus, the rule should be revised or removed.The male mediocrity crawling out of their holes to mansplain *rules* to women and scold us for our outrage is peak maleness. Add emotion and a woman demanding an apology from a man—a black woman at that—and the worldwide sexist racist bros club has been triggered.I was especially disappointed by the Guardian’s articles and comments; Brits lectured Americans to stay classy while the shrill of their racist and sexist dog whistles drowned out anything pertinent or helpful to the conversation. Apparently, civility should transcend all there too; fuck civility.Meanwhile, the USTA fined Serena $17,000. As I said on Twitter, this is yet another petty power play. Serena has become bigger than tennis with a message that’s just as powerful and TPTB don’t like it so they believe this will reign in her power. She should pay it in pennies and dump it in their front lobby.

    At this point, women are channeling each other’s rage & ready to collectively kick all men’s asses; we’re anarchists determined to tear down the patriarchy and their rules by escalating our neverending revolution.

    I recommend the following articles if you would like to understand a woman’s perspective on the situation (also, talk to any black woman):

  • Naomi Osaka played brilliantly and beat Serena soundly. Congratulations to the first Haitian-Japanese player to win a grand slam title.
  • Chris Evans answered Tucker’s ridiculous question perfectly.
  • When Ronan comes for you, again, you better resign, Leslie. Spoiler: he did and he did.
  • Olivia Munn is a hero.
  • He should be impeached, not elevated; on Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Informative thread on Susan Collins.
  • Make no mistake, this cartoon is horrendously racist and sexist.



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