Review: Wayward Sisters

Supernatural season 13 episode 10 Wayward Sisters has potential—had potential. The series—if CW had the courage to push beyond limited views to open the door to something far greater than the sexism and misogyny peddled on Supernatural—could’ve been bigger than its predecessor. Alas, TPTB—another man—bemoaned that:

“We are big fans of the characters and the women who played those characters… We hope they continue on as guest stars on Supernatural… But we did not feel creatively that the show was where we wanted it to be. And we felt we had a better shot with [Originals spinoff] Legacies.” (TVLine)

What I’m sensing from TVD and Originals fandoms is that the majority wasn’t too happy with the killing off of three of their favorite characters in that Originals series finale; so, why would you possibly think that Legacies will perform better? I could be wrong. I stopped watching The Originals after season two and didn’t watch the series finale (I read about it though; I also quit watching TVD after Nina Dobrev left and didn’t watch those seasons—including the series finale—till recently). The Originals just didn’t have the energy and sizzle those episodes did when Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Carolina, Klaus, Elijah, Rebecca et al were together on TVD. I did love Marcel, but he wasn’t enough to keep me watching (sorry, Charles Michael Davis; looking forward to your next project). And yes, I was a Klaus/Caroline shipper. As a fan emotionally I was pissed off the way The Originals ended, but as a creator I somewhat understood. What I didn’t agree with was the statement from Julie Plec about how the ending of TVD changed Carolina and Klaus’ ending. Like…ma’am, wut? Are you saying a woman cannot possibly love again after becoming a widow? That entire statement felt like sophistry. And I can see her giving a big fuck you to the Klaroline shippers because of the criticisms they laid on her prior. But, whateves. I got no skin in that game ’cause I have no interest in watching Legacies. 

As a creator, I understand the need to tell your story regardless of fandom pressures, especially all those rabid shippers. I should know; I’m one of them. I’m sensing there was a lot more to the story including what the individual actors wanted. More than likely Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies were done and wanted to move on; the same with Paul Wesley and most of TVD crew. They wanted to do new and more exciting projects and not return to the same characters they inhabited for so long on yet another show. After a while, situationally, a thing can become tiring and that is most likely what happened. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called being human. 

Fandoms are tiring and tedious and can become excessive and needy and too devoted and…too much. As a fan, this may be hard to hear, but it’s a necessary statement we all need to listen to and be mindful. We have to employ some empathy for the creators and the people writing and playing our favorite characters or they’ll burn out and we’ll get shit from them but a quick ‘fuck off’. There are real people behind these stories. They know that fandoms are their livelihood so they’ll try not to be assholes. Isn’t that too much to ask though? Everyone’s an asshole at least once in their lives. Some of us more than once depending on your definition of ‘asshole.’ Then there’s the other side that says no way I’m gonna waste my time after I was burned the first time around from your stories. I do get it. Nothing here is mutually exclusive. You can feel all of the above. 

I digress.

Wayward Sisters had potential. I scoffed that the showrunner was male and that could’ve been probably was the problem. I read comments that people didn’t like Claire because she was ‘unlikeable’. Man, there is nothing more that pisses me off. Y’all got to stop that. Nobody is likable one hundred percent of the time and women characters need to be—MUST be unlikeable to be real. Let me clue you in on something: YOU saying that she was ‘unlikeable’ makes YOU an ‘unlikeable character.’ Women characters should not be expected to be likable. Period. One could possibly call Julie Plec an ‘unlikeable character.’ I am a woman with an opinion, which means I AM an ‘unlikeable character.’ Just because you disagree with a woman, doesn’t make them an ‘unlikeable’ character. You will find me championing the unlikeable women characters not only in my worlds but in my reviews. Sure, we can criticize them, but please for-the-love-of-dog, stop planting that label on them. It’s reductive and makes you look like an idiot that has no depth when dealing with complex characters. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the Wayward Sisters—and Claire—on Supernatural and I hope TPTB give the show another chance or, at least, give them a lot more airtime on Supernatural.


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