In General 9/8/18

  • This does not surprise me at all. I’ve read one Steinbeck novel—East of Eden—and almost threw it across the room because of the rampant sexism and misogyny. Stop elevating these men and their male gaze and for the love of all humanity #ReadWomen. I loathe that women keep promoting Steinbeck as some kind of feminist. No. Stop. Men are not using this as an aha moment to point out toxic masculinity; they’re using it as a guideline; a ticking off the list if you will; they are using it to further a toxic misogynistic and sexist propaganda and agenda.
  • President Obama is on the campaign trail for Dems. Too little too late? I dunno. I’m pissed off and pessimistic right now, especially towards Dems. I see comments that Obama doesn’t owe us shit. Really? Maybe he doesn’t, still… Dem’s servility to the GOP is an embarrassment; a losing one at that. The fact that the GOP pulled out of a negotiation not to use hacked materials is yet another sign that they have no intention of playing by the rules. At this point, we’ve gone way past the point of diplomacy. Maybe that’s why I’m not a diplomat. Nor a Democrat.
  • Sorry, Madame President: I’m breaking with you on the New York’s governor’s race. If I was a New Yorker, I’d definitely vote for Cynthia Nixon.
  • The GOP continues to mock Kamala Harris and Cory Booker for their persistence against the GOP’s corruption into forcing Kavanaugh down our collective throats. I wholeheartedly urge both Harris and Booker onwards and encourage them to continue with the so-called Trump tactics. Raise that sword and charge. Be Spartacus ’cause it seems to have provoked them:

One thing Democrats are learning from President Donald Trump as the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh draw to a close: Floating an incendiary charge, with little to no factual basis, can draw the spotlight and force the opposition to prove a negative.

In the run-up to 2020, it isn’t the details that resonate with base voters. It’s the show.

  • Stop blaming women for what men do.
  • What’s that? Chris Pine fully nude? *searches for Outlaw King; watches trailer & sees that it’s just another white male European patriarchal stanning in the mold of Game of Thrones, except it’s a movie and appears to have lots less women; passes*
  • Olivia Munn got scene with sex offender cut from ‘Predator’—Bravo to her.
  • A white police officer entered a black man’s home and shot him dead. WTF.
  • “Papadopoulos sentence is far too light.” Agreed. Bodes ill for what’s to come.
  • Golfing is expensive.
  • That Kavanaugh perjured himself is not top news shows how far into Dante’s pit we’ve fallen. Let’s hope the GOP find their true god soon…or have they already? Three faces if I recall correctly…
  • Sometimes I wonder if racist people don’t realize how shrill their dog whistles are. But then I remember that’s one of the lures of racism. I’m with Nora: Don’t answer his question.
  • That some people *cough white men cough* are saying that it’s panic time is…*rolling my eyes*. It’s been panic time since 11/9/2016.
  • Attention white women: don’t do this. The gall.
  • This falls under the category NO SHIT.
  • “Only in authoritarian counties is not clapping a crime.” (Twitter)



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