In General 9/7/18

  • Brett Kavanaugh gave up his game when he used the term “abortion-inducing drugs” for birth control. Not only do they want to take away our right to abortion, they want to take away our right to birth control. This is not about some faux morality; this is about power over women and their choices. They are working to wipe out fifty years of women’s progress.
  • Brett Kavanaugh lied to Congress and perjured himself.
  • Brett Kavanaugh is either racist or an extremely lazy jurist…or both.
  • Brett Kavanaugh refuses to recuse himself from anything Trump-related, meaning once he gets on the court, he is the swing vote that could automatically squash Mueller’s subpoena power against the above-the-law illegitimate president. That should scare you. Kavanaugh is bought and paid. He is not working for the American people nor is he working for the constitution; he is working for the corrupt cabal of the Republican party.
  • Trump keeps calling southerners dumb. Why is it they like him? Oh, that’s right: CULT mentality.
  • Bravo to Democrats for having some backbone. They’ve been acting pathetically obsequious since Trump and his cons threw the election. Listen up, Dems: you’ll have to fight like you’ve never fought before and sometimes, you’ll have to get your hands dirty. Fight fire with fire. Subvert the situation. Stop playing like this is some kind of game. This is our lives and our freedoms; our democracy.
  • Senator Susan Collins doesn’t actually support a woman’s right to choose. Don’t let her tell you otherwise.
  • “This is not resistance, it’s co-dependence.” Anne Lamott in reference to the anonymous NYT op-ed.
  • Great thread about body autonomy and how important it is to women.
  • Les Moonves was intent on destroying Janet Jackson’s career. What a shock—not.
  • Book news: both of my books a white witch & a boudoir party are $.99.



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