In General 9/6/18

  • Kamala Harris 2020
  • The anonymous NY Times op-ed writer is complicit. Period. This is clearly a PR stunt and power play and a very poor one given that any administrative official’s allegiance always and should be to the constitution. I recommend you follow up this read with David Frum’s This is a constitutional crisis and David Graham’s We’re Watching an anti-democratic coup unfold.
  • “Three black trans women have been murdered in a matter of days: Shantee Tucker, Dejanay Stanton, & Vontashia Bell. Say their names.”  (Twitter)
  • Ohio police officer tases 11-year old suspected of shoplifting, tells her “This is why there aren’t any grocery stores in the Black community.” (Twitter)
  • I use Google as a search engine. The last couple of days I’ve used it to search political articles on current topics. The results were a majority of biased conservative ideological talking points, which leads me to ask why? When I searched Google News on Kamala Harris, I get very few results. Why? I see more conservative news than I do progressive. Why? The only bias I see in mainstream media is a conservative one. Google News’ choices of tweets to highlight their topics is quite revealing.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Netflix reviving Designated Survivor. I recall vaguely watching a few eps and rolling my eyes much in the same way I did with 24. That can’t be good.
  • Congrats to India! (India’s Supreme Court decriminalizes gay sex in historic ruling)
  • Go Kap! (Twitter)

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