Review: Washington Post

If you’re like me and have a limited budget, you cannot subscribe to every newspaper. I am a news junkie and I’d love nothing more. It’s one of the reasons I’m on Twitter. Unlike some, I truly believe in a free press and no, it is absolutely not “the enemy of the people.”

I can only budget one newspaper and it was an easy choice: I chose the Post.

Their WorldView email that drops around midnight Monday thru Friday is the single most important newsletter I get. It not only informs, but it is also an education tool filled with cultural and historical nuggets from around the world.

For example, this morning’s WorldView:

At a handover ceremony held in a Berlin church on Wednesday, Namibian officials received the remains of indigenous people killed in their country by German forces more than a century ago. The grisly contents included 19 skulls, a scalp and bones belonging to five skeletons, all of which had been been housed for decades on dusty shelves in German universities and museums.

Ishaan Tharoor—foreign affairs journalist for the Post who writes the WorldView—then goes through a detailed history of what transpired.

And this:

Sherine Virgo was excited when her 5-year-old daughter was accepted to a prestigious public school in a suburb of the Jamaican capital. But when the mother attended an orientation over the summer, the principal informed her that she would have to cut off her daughter’s dreadlocks.

“I said, ‘I will not be cutting her hair,’ ” Virgo recounted. The principal explained that the no-dreadlocks policy was a matter of hygiene and avoiding lice in the school, the mother recalled.

Yet Virgo’s daughter started classes Wednesday at Kensington Primary School with her dreadlocks intact after a legal battle that has gone all the way to the Supreme Court of this Caribbean island.

Nora says it best:

The Washington Post subscription can be found here. I recommend the Kindle Fire app too.

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