How To Be a Writer Lesson One

It is important to separate the creator and the editor or internal censor when you practice writing, so that the creator has free space to breathe, explore, and express. If the editor is absolutely annoying and you have trouble differentiating it from your creative voice, sit down whenever you need to and write what the editor is saying: give it full voice.

Natalie Goldberg – Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within

Listen, no one wants to listen to or read your drivel. It all sucks. You suck. How can you possibly think you’ll succeed at this when ninety percent of writers fail? It is pathetic you even think that way, but you’ll try regardless ’cause that’s how you are; trying and trying and trying like you’re possibly gonna succeed like all those other times you tried and tried and tried and failed and failed and failed. What could you possibly be thinking? How in the world do you even wake up in the morning thinking this?

But, you do you.

You go back to that laptop and peck away at those keys and keep pushing out that tripe while the people around you continue rolling their eyes at you like one of those hamster wheels and scoffing that you’re better off getting a job at the local grocery store, but then you already tried that, didn’t you? And failed. Failed, failed, failed.

You keep pushing out those stories and posts while they sit back and laugh at your words.

Oh yes, go on Twitter and watch the world burn and stew in the fact that you can do nothing as the corruption bleeds into the Earth then come back and sit in that cesspool of bunk you call creative.

Yes, yes, yes, you are a horrible writer and you can do nothing right so keep tapping away: tap tap tap tap. You’ll eventually tire of the non-response those lifeless words inspire. You’ll go back to reading and living on this insane planet that makes no sense whatsoever and without writing, you’ll eventually go nutty without it ’cause that’s just how and who you are.

You can smell the smoke from that dying torch as the light fades and taste the ash from its fumes while you continue to whirr on trying to close off the sounds of everything around and inside you and focus on the words. Words then sentences then paragraphs then story then structure then you start all over again.

Yes, you do you.



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