Madame Secretary

Madame Secretary S4: I love Téa Leoni and political dramas so when this show came to Netflix a few years ago, I thought I’d give it a try. It certainly makes D.C. and politics look easy; way too easy; almost laughably and absurdly so at times; all rainbows and sunshine and hope, unlike the reality of D.C. actual. They throw a lot of shade at current and past administrations. Sometimes it’s hard to see from which side they’re portraying. I like that the McCords are such a functionally healthy family too in all of their whiteness and privilege and deep state elitism. I’m in awe of this and every time I watch it I’m like ‘oh this is what it’s like in a normal healthy family environment.’ They come off as upper middle class, but with that house in the D.C. market? No way. They rich especially since they had a big Virginia farm too. I was really disappointed when TPTB sent Alexander/Dmitri off to Alaska (He would make a great Boris, the Ukrainian émigré from The Goldfinch; in a television series version NOT A MOVIE; I love tv series more than movies *shrugs*). I thought he and Stevie were perfect together and that could lend to an interesting story arc for the both of them; alas, the arcs on the show are brusque and austere. I’ll admit I’ve teared up a few times, but it was brief. Like a sneeze.

Madame Secretary is on Netflix. Amazon.


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