July 2018 Entertainment Reviews

Movies I saw that I absolutely loved: Logan, The Last Jedi, Thor: Ragnarok, Ibiza, Set It Up, Girls Trip, Atomic Blonde, Get Out, Mudbound

Movies that were just meh: Blade Runner 2049 (visually stunning), It (nostalgic)

Movies I couldn’t finish: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Movies I didn’t like: Alien Covenant (Go figure: I loved Prometheus & some elements of this story, but overall this was too whiny and bleak.)

TV I devoured and loved: Sense8 finaleGlow Season 2Riverdale Season 2Sharp ObjectsWestworld Season 2

ReWatches I cannot get enough of: Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7Sense8 Seasons 1-2Stargate SG1Stargate AtlantisStargate UniverseJurassic ParkThe Lost World: Jurassic ParkJurassic Park IIIAlienAliensUnder the Tuscan SunPractical Magic

Rewatches just cause: Alien3Alien ResurrectionAlien Vs. PredatorPredatorYou’ve Got MailPatriot GamesClear & Present Danger (Most rewatches are background noise for when I’m writing.)

Shows I stopped watching cause it was just too damn depressing: The Staircase (I watched it before & being from NC, knew the outcome. All that LGBTQ bigotry…😩🤬)


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